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About Us


Hello, I am Chef Matthew Karp. Starting in my mother’s kitchen and continuing on to some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants, I’ve dedicated most of my life to food. With my nose always in a cookbook and hands elbow deep in flour, it has always been about “the next meal.” I looped from Scarsdale cooking as a kid, to the China Institute at 14 for Peking Duck lessons, on to internships in Manhattan Restaurants, and refining with a Masters in Culinary Arts from the Cordon Bleu in Paris. I’ve worked for star chefs and learned from Italian grandmothers. I’ve stretched mozzarella on the Amalfi Coast and picked the vineyards in France.


My passion for bread and baking began when I moved to Europe. In my apartment in Italy, I grew a sourdough starter culture. Since then I haven’t stopped experimenting and refining my expression of sourdough bread. When I studied and worked in Paris, I had the opportunity to eat fresh croissants and baguettes during my commute. In Italy, I also ate many great breads in restaurants and famous shops such as Pecks in Milano. Dough On The Go! is my interpretation of breads and baking, traveling all the way from France and Italy, to your front door.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I ordered the homemade sourdough bread..Amazing!! Not to mention the smoked salmon was the best I have ever had!! Make sure you also pick up the softest scallion cream cheese!!


"Croissants are totally amazing. As are the bagels and nova cream cheese."

ANDREA / AUGUST 23, 2020

"Best croissants!"


"Matt Karp, your sour dough sesame bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese -- wow! We grabbed two curbside, and had them for a picnic. The smoked salmon was like the best we ever had in France. And best bagel ever! Really gourmet. Thank you."

MEGAN / JUNE 1, 2020

"I had the brioche a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing!"

LISA / MAY 30, 2020

"Matt Karp you are a genius with dough and the smoker! Loved the bagel and salmon this morning."

SARA / MAY 30, 2020

"Matt makes the most addicting and heathy sour dough bagels. I can't stop buying them!"

PAUL / APRIL 19, 2020

“Everything was delicious today!! The kids demolished the bagels and we loved the sourdough bread. Thank you!!"

LAUREN / APRIL 5, 2020

"The bread is great. Glad there was one left"

WALTER / MARCH 23, 2020

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