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Available Today: Aug 15, 2020

Saturday is officially bagel and smoked salmon day in all the lands

“Hand Made, Fresh and Baked, and Delivered To You Today!”

Hand Sliced Hickory and Pecan Wood SMOKED Salmon by the pound, quarter or 1/2 pound

Scallion Cream Cheese

Today’s Bread:

*Croissants (out of oven at 10:30)

*Brioche with Raisins or Plain

*Country Sourdough, Baguettes

Sourdough Bagels, Sesame Bagels, Everything Bagels, Cinnamon Raisen

If you would like this delivered (ready this afternoon) please call me or email me:

914-263-1736 or

For pick up, I’m working out of Apiary. Please support Apiary.

Thanks, Matt


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